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Information Distribution with Ingram and PMA

Publishing for profit is a tough business. More than 100,000 new books are published every year, and they have a limited lifespan. However, if you have an inhouse community that is interested or eager! for your information, self-publishing can be a viable and even lucrative business. It is best to test your audience's interest before you undertake this multi-year marketing strategy.

Ingram is one of the largest wholesale distributors of books and audio books to booksellers, librarians, and specialty retailers. It distributes almost 1 million titles of books, music, hard-to-find titles, and Spanish-language product.

If your organization publishes books, audio or video products, you probably already know it is important to get your products into the merchandise chain. Ingram is one of those links.

Ingram provides music, hard-to-find titles, consumer catalogs, and electronic tools to booksellers. Ingram provides innovative services that help publishers focus on publishing rather than distribution.

Libraries are a wonderful way for sustainable messages to get into the community. Ingram Library Services is a company of librarians, account managers, book buyers, catalogers, and customer service representatives, who serve libraries by providing the industry's largest inventory of titles.

Self publishing is now a viable route for many individuals and organizations who have an in-house need for books, audio tapes or videos. Technologies have make production simpler -- but marketing is still the challenge it has always been.

Publishers Marketing Association

Outreach can be strengthened by getting into the flow of the information marketing industry and there are resources to help you do it. One of the best is the Lightning Source is a subsidiary of Ingram Industries and offers a suite of digital print-on-demand and distribution services to the book publisher. Both large and small publishers in need of digital printing and distribution services now use print on demand and fulfillment services such as Lightning Source.

Biblio Distribution

A Division of National Book Network, Biblio Distribution was formed in early 2001 to provide a new approach to represent books published by small trade publishers by offering warehousing, distribution, sales, and other operation services.