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Travelmedia -- streaming media for the global travel industry

Travel is one of the most popular categories on the Internet. In fact, I think we've moved beyond the "information age" and entered the "transport age". Think about it. Our top issues are fuel and energy, global terrorism, and what the Boomers are going to do when we retire! :-)

Travel has become easy, affordable for a massive group of people, and expected on the job and in our social conversations.

From a marketing standpoint, not every organization is geared for international exporting of goods and services. However...destination travel brings people to you!

And of course, there are companies that help you do that. Team a good travel marketer with the Internet and you can become a desirable destination for travelers who want to discover the insider's nooks and crannies of your community.

One such company that offers communication services is Travelmedia Communications who offers a full palette of media production and messaging services, drawing on experience in 58 countries and dozens of states and cities. Clients include local CVBs, national tourism offices, cruise lines, airlines, car rental firms, major credit card companies, trade organizations, universities and world bodies such as the United Nations and the Asian Development Bank. Travelmedia specializes in destination marketing.

Travelmedia offers comprehensive services from concept to finished production, allowing organizations to leverage the same content to reach audiences across a wide variety of media platforms, from cinema screen to iPod to mobile phone. They can help you explore new forms of distribution such as video blogging, audio pocasting and internet radio. Listen to their 24 x 7 travel and culture radio station on the Live365 radio network or on The Connected Traveler, their award-winning consumer travel magazine.