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Rural Development - California

Sustainability has to do with the system in which we live. Farming is a system of food and material resource development critical to people in urban areas. For the first time in history, there are more people living in cities than rural areas across our globe. That puts more pressure on our strategies to make farming and ranching sustainable -- able to survive for the long term.

California USDA Rural Development is working to improve the lives of people in rural California. This government program helps families purchase their first home, build critical infrastructure in rural areas, helps rural entrepreneurs start and grow their businesses, and improves the viability of California’s rural economies. Programs span community center projects, electricity programs, water and telecommunications.

Mission: To enhance economic opportunity and improve the quality of life in rural America

USDA Rural Development State Office
430 G Street, Agency 4169
Davis, CA 95616-4169
(530) 792-5800 (phone)
Rural Development

Another resource in California is The California Institute for Rural Studies, which promotes a mission of working toward a rural California that is socially just, economically viable, and environmentally balanced. Each of these elements is integral to the larger goal of sustainable development. As a non-profit research organization, they are committed to pursuing these long-term goals through sound empirical research that is directly relevant to progressive social change.

Recent reports and research that are available online cover these topics:

  • Farmworker and Rural Health and Safety
  • Sustainable Food Systems
  • Rural Communities and Immigrant Welfare