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Living Green Expo

What does living green mean?

Living green is a blueprint for everyday living—365 days each year.

The Living Green Expo is a collaboration of government agencies, non-profit groups and businesses seeking to promote sustainability-oriented products and behaviors in Minnesota. The Environmental Assistance division of the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is the main coordinator of this collaborative effort.

May 5-6, 2007
Minnesota State Fair Grounds,
St. Paul, Minnesota

The Living Green Expo uses a two-tiered approach to "living green:" Low Impact Living and Long-term Sustainability. Take a look at this excellent array of workshops about Sustainability. The Living Green Expo is a blueprint for everyday living—365 days each year. Click a topic for ideas on living green, exhibitor listings, and information about Expo workshops.

*Building and remodeling
*Food and agriculture
*Yard and garden
*Lifestyles and recreation
*Household products and practices
*Sustainability education
*Arts and culture

Low Impact Living reduces environmental impact by using a product or service or adopting a behavior that:

* Uses less energy
* Conserves water
* Is less toxic
* Contains recycled material
* Is derived from plants
* Uses reduced packaging
* Is rebuilt, reconditioned or reused
* Is local/regionally produced

Living Green Expo