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Design: Green for Product Design

Design: Green is a program to jumpstart eco-design education for product designers using the Business-Ecodesign Tools, a powerful design instrument.

Design:Green is an initiative of J.Ottman Consulting focused on sustainable product design education. Their mission is to transform business in the United States by creating educational experiences that inspire the development of products that are at once sustainable, innovative, profitable, and able to compete in the global marketplace.

Initially created under an EPA Grant, and endorsed by the Industrial Designers Society of America, Design:Green delivers curriculum and opportunities for multi-disciplinary interaction to:

  • designers
  • strategic planners
  • marketers
  • R+D
  • Engineers
  • and others involved in new product development
Workshop experiences taught by industry experts are offered as private in-house corporate sessions, or public sessions typically conducted through design schools and conferences. We offer:
  • full-day workshops
  • half-day workshops
  • 90 minute "Jumpstart" sessions
  • 45-minute talk with Q&A
Contact Green Marketing at to receive a free copy of their updated Eco-Design Resource Guide for U.S. Designers and to be notified about upcoming Design:Green events. We never sell or distribute any of the contact information provided to us.

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