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Entrepreneurial Training for Nature Businesses & Organizations

It's easy to register your fictitious name with the local government (usually county), get a business card printed and say "I'm in business." But making that startup business succeed at providing a valued service, providing a structure of employment and revenue, and being a stable member of the community is a bit more complicated.

It is helpful to get some training on what is involved in successfully starting a business, growing it, and participating in the community.

One program among hundreds across the country, that helps enthusiastic new business owners is Hosanna House, Inc. in Pittsburgh, PA. They help people work together to develop opportunities to empower families and individuals in many ways -- including an entrepreneurial program.

Learn more about their program at:

Foundation of Entrepreneurial Support

Hosanna House, Inc. has partnered with local organizations and companies to make this program a success:
  • A Bank
  • The local Chamber of Commerce
  • The School District
  • Junior Achievement
  • Service Core of Retired Executive (SCORE)
  • Small Business Administration (SBA)
  • And a local economic development program from the city.

Training Entrepreneurs

An overview of business basics is part of the classroom training for the eager explorers. Topics included are varied:
  • Why Entrepreneurs engage in business planning.
  • Who should be involved in the business planning process.
  • When planning is most appropriate in the life cycle of a business.
  • How the planning process is conducted and written plan generated.
  • Internet -Based Business.
  • Minorities and Women Expectations in a Business.
  • Becoming an Independent Retailer.
  • What is a Franchise and what can it offer.
  • Small Office and Home Office Business (SOHO).

Business Strategies for Enrepreneurs

Specific tasks and skills are helpful when undertaking the leadership of a business. Business, after all, is about people, and products, and more people, and buildings, and money.

Important business procedures and skills covered in the program include:

  • Marketing
  • Personnel
  • Financial Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Balance Sheet and Income Statement
  • Cash Flow
  • And how to create a Business Operation Plan

Business is about results and the program, too, modeled a solid business operation by providing the following results for participants:

  • The top students receive a start-up grant up to $5,000.00
  • Opportunity to move into a Micro Enterprise Center (MEC).
  • Additional Training will be given by the MEC.
  • Free web-site via a local provider
  • Free email set-up via a local provider


Hosanna House Entrepreneurial website:

Kauffman Foundation

From our home in Kansas City we support programs in entrepreneurship and education. We regard Greater Kansas City as an incubator for ideas and innovations that can be duplicated to make a marked difference in civic life, change the course of the economy, and make a measurable and significant impact.

Small Business Administration Learn as you grow! You can never know everything...get some basic grounding, start your business...and continue to grow by participating in the small business community. You can do it. 4 percent of all Americans are engaged in entrepreneurial acivity at any given can do it successfully, too!