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"The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium." - Norbet Platt

"A writer is someone who can make a riddle out of an answer." - Karl Krauss

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Book Cover Design

Book cover designs by Carolyn Allen, Sunshine By Design

A Loosely Coupled World

Today's next-gen leaders have grown up with blended families, multicultural dissonance and mixing, world travel, global communications and a loosely connected sense of belonging. What's next as they take the reins of leadership?

No One Fits

In the modern world touting unprecedented individuality and diversity, no one fits. So we can now look for belonging in new and frightening ways...or innovate new ways to share our deepest human longings, one by one.

Youth World: Entertainment, Fashion and Friends

The "alpha-teen's" diet for resilience, intelligence and independence would be an intriguing insight into our responsibilities as the shapers of our children's world.

Strut Your Stuff

"The Colorful Story Behind the Peacock Gallery" is a fun approach to a portfolio booklet or catalog.

Stepping Over the Line

These days of war and terrorism gives us all cause to think about our ethics and daily behaviors. Life gets very fuzzy at times...and during a war of words and ideologies, it would be helpful to explore a thoughtful look at those fuzzy choices we all face.

It's Just Carbon

Life is made of carbon. This simple, ubiquitous reality struck me as I wrote a screenplay and novel about the delicate balance of life and nanotechnology. the balance between life and intellectual pursuits...copyrightable and patentable innovations is a fascinating line of thought.

Living Large - Living Small

Our footprint on the earth is largely a matter of lifestyle choices. And those choices are always part of an examined life.

The Case for Innovation

Based on a book and workshop I'm developing about the pragmatic side of creativity, this visual poetry in the form of a book would explore the roles of innovation in the span of life from the individual to the universe. Biological, atmospheric and global adaptations and systemic innovation is awesome.

BIG: Question Authority, Answer with Integrity

By Anonymous, of course. Such audacity would risk ostracism in our politically correct this would naturally be a book of poetry or comic strips.

Afraid just for Fun

A peek under the screams of horror flicks, roller coasters, daring fear factors in our entertainment...where is it taking us? What is this extreme lifestyle indicating about our ability to enjoy the quiet joy of nature or a baby's touch?

Village Scribe

The story of a writer, of course. How a creative soul can fine happiness by sharing one's passion with friends, family and neighbors in the pursuit of community and communion.

Books I would love to read...visual poetry from a designer's imagination.