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Why Innovation Matters to Small Business

Develop your strengths and manage your weaknesses.

This piece of sage advice applies directly to small business success. Large corporations might have the luxury of trying to be good at everything, but small business owners must wear far too many hats to focus on their weaknesses. They thrive when they excel at their strengths.

One strength that is the domain of small business is innovation. More patents. More copyrights. More breakthrough technologies come from small business than their larger counterparts.

Not all small businesses are good at developing their ideas, however. Some have a system that takes an idea to production, to launch, and to success, and some get stuck along that pathway to prosperity.

A simple system helps creative businesspeople manage their innovation for business success. The seven secrets include:
  • An innovation system that supports the process
  • Research
  • Design
  • Evaluation
  • Production
  • Launch
  • Ongoing product management and marketing
Carolyn Allen has developed training materials and workshops to help the small business owner and consultant apply these steps for their ongoing competitive advantage. By using their knowledge and ideas effectively, knowledge leaders can turn their ideas into practical, valuable intellectual property in the form of products, services and systems.

Small business has the potential to develop ideas faster and with more pragmatic design than larger organizations that get bogged down in committees and red tape and encrusted systems. Systems aren't all bad, though and a little bit goes a long way. The Active Innovation Management system -- A.I.M. -- is scaled to the small business' way of doing business.

A.I.M. helps you track your successes, combine your ideas into more valuable properties, and partner for a faster release date.

Carolyn developed the A.I.M. system for creative consultants, authors, manufacturers and designers, as well as service providers to help them get a handle on their potential and turn their unprotected ideas into copyrighted products, patents, trademarked systems and trade secrets that can be marketed for greater profit and add value to the business.