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"The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium." - Norbet Platt

"A writer is someone who can make a riddle out of an answer." - Karl Krauss

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Carolyn Allen's Designs

The message is first identified before any visual design or illustration is developed. Illustrations are selected, enhanced and created to meet the need for visual appeal and information to meet the needs of the consumer...and the budget of the client. Budgets are important not only to define the scope of work for the designer, but for all the follow-on processes such as printing, distribution and revamping for the next campaign.

Carolyn and her team provide a flexible mix of traditional drawings, digital photography, typography and graphic elements to highlight each message.

The wide range of supplementary products designed by Carolyn include t-shirts, cups, book covers, postcards, dimensional mailers, software packaging, as well as CD Cover and label designs to stretch the profit potential of books.

Internet design includes content and marketing sites using database content management system. (This site is database-driven, using the Coravue CMS --

In addition to Web design, Carolyn has extensive experience writing and editing for e-mail newsletters, and offers an easy to use Web-based interface to update Web pages and create/publish e-mail newsletters. Ask her about Coravue's CMS.

Book cover design services from Sunshine By Design include high quality digital photography and photo retouching, typography and layout creativity to meet each market's trends and level of quality. For example, the spiritual market demands "gift-book" packaging -- with proper sizing, page length, and wording to appeal to culturally specific niches.

Birding Business is a trade magazine for which Carolyn Allen was the founding editor. Conceptual research and design was under her direction, as well as more than two years of editorial managment and production coordination to complement editorial writing, photography, team management and content editing.

Cover and interior design, layout and print management for two series of innovative self-education modules for seniors. Conducted focus group testing to identify learning and visual profiles for senior health market niche. Conducted extensive photo shoots and photo retouching to adequately portray the concepts of healthful nutrition and exercise identified in a year long research project sponsored by federal and university grants.

Informational illustration for books includes the line drawings for this university press book. Carolyn Allen's background in offset print management and cutting edge Internet database integration make her illustrations practical and editorially powerful.

Writing and design come together in marketing materials you can proudly distribute to your valued prospects and customers. Attention to benefit statements and corporate identity differentiate the sales-rich, professional representative of your company from the non-sales oriented, ho-hum brochure.

Logo design and stationery sets for corporate identity are as individually designed and translated into files for today's wide variety of applications: print stationery, computer stationery and forms, Web, posters, business cards, book covers, and unique applications as diverse as truck doors and balloons! Proper design makes this diversity possible...with quality.