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Innovation Services for Nature Niche Businesses

Innovation that doesn't result in satisfied customers isn't innovation at all!

The truth is -- most product innovation fails. But it doesn't have to.

The U.S. Patent Office reports that less than 3% of patents ever make any money for the inventor. Yes, a 97% failure rate! The Federal Trade Commission cites an even lower rate of success: less than 1%.

We think that is appalling! And we're doing something about it. Traditional innovation management techniques focus on patents, trademarks and copyrights...and leave market-smarts and incremental innovation of services and systems out of the business strategy. I taught my son about a balanced life from the time he was born, and my professional experience bears out the need for strategic balance in small business, as well. We help small business owners and managers find a manageable balance between practical innovation that serves customers better, and intellectual property that provides a measure of protection from innovation poachers.

But the real story of American innovation opportunity is that for every patent filed...there are hundreds of innovative products and services that are never patented...but make a good living for their creators. Knowing when to spend those $5,000 to $10,000 (or more) for a patent -- and when to use innovation in more "innovative ways" is a bit of practical wisdom it pays to develop!

Many innovative products and services are developed in a vacuum and just sit there and take up your time, your hopes and your dreams. That is why it's important to choose the right innovation management process before you develop your next product or service.

There is a better way to capture and capitalize on your ideas. There is a pathway to a better and more productive future. Good innovation management takes careful planning and expertise -- skills and ways of working open to every small business owner or manager.

According to a 2003 Wall Street Journal article, "Too often, technology is seen simply as a product or a process.....Innovation's real power is as an enabler of change -- a tool that makes it possible to innovate and build business value, rapidly and continuously."

Why not just create products my gut tells me will make it big?

Creativity is just one small step toward your goal. Your goal is to serve customers better, to make a profit, and to enjoy the process! What you really want is more business--better business. Amateurs can have wonderful ideas, but it takes a pro to turn raw ideas into profitable, market-smart, innovative products that help you reach your business goals.
At California Green Solutions, we believe that much of America's future is being developed and delivered by innovative small businesses and individual enthusiasts. After you've checked out how other innovation consultants scale their operations (and fees) for big budgets, come on back. Let's get serious about what innovation strategies, workshops and tools you need to develop a steady stream of customer-centered, innovative products and services.

Dynamic innovation for small and medium (SME) businesses

Business owners and teams usually struggle to get competitive and stay competitive. They don't know exactly what to do and cash flow is often tight. They need new products and new services to stay ahead of their competition. They need ongoing innovation that is scalable and easy to manage.

Innovation workshops and idea management techniques bring you innovation management tools scaled to your business, tools to tame the creative chaos and create your own unique approach to innovative problem-solving for your customers and clients. The Active Innovation Management (AIM) system gives you a foundation on which to create, a way to get beyond the chaos that has to be manhandled and supervised all the time. Good innovation management brings you more business and less hours at work. And you can update your AIM system yourself -- without constant coaching or consulting.

The services provided by California Green Solutions position you to achieve smart business growth:

Web-based Idea Packaging

Ideas are the lifeblood of business. You have to create and display and package and bundle products and information to meet your customers' needs. Information and service is a growing part of product success. Some of that innovation is big...some is small.

Incremental innovation is like salt and pepper -- small changes make your everyday business taste better.

Big, radical innovations can transform your business into the American dream! Just remember that overnight successes often require ten years of growing up!

Innovation starts with your goals and follows a proven pathway of creativity, research and evaluation. Our on-line innovation services provide a convenient, coordinated way to create and develop your personalized innovation system.

People like "packaging", and it's vital that products and services from small businesses compete with their big brothers with good design, appealing presentation and targeting at your best niche markets. The A.I.M. innovation process helps you turn an idea into a full-fledged solution that your customer easily recognizes as a benefit...and can easily use to solve their problem or reach toward their goal.

No Nonsense Innovation

Creative people have endless ideas. But we're talking money... revenue... profits... here! How do you make money? How do you create products and services that do what they are supposed to do?

You start with a good innovation system that lets you build on your successes.

If your products and services are merely functional, they are probably not capturing the innovation market. Consumers want more than function. They want a touch of class, a touch of the extraordinary, a competitive difference -- a "WOW!" product they can brag about, make money with, and be proud to recommend to friends or colleagues.

Do you want to develop your ideas into valuable, innovative products and services that work well for both your customers and you? Contact us...and we'll show you how the A.I.M. system of innovation management can take you there.

Innovative Idea Development!

Creativity is a big mystery unless you know what you're doing. It can take months of hard labor to develop an idea into a product. We take the bother out of your hands and help you concentrate on serving your customers.

You can use our handy A.I.M. system to capture your ideas. You then get automatic reports on how your team is developing your prioritized ideas into marketable products and services. Cool, eh?

There are millions of information based products being launched every year. Do you want to have one of a million--or Number One? If you want to succeed with your new products and services, then you need to take control of your creativity and turn it into practical innovation. Turn this very common power of idea generation into uncommon and very appealing innovations. Innovative products and services that you can package, protect and market to hungry prospects who want innovative solutions for their own success. Don't waste needless hours (or months) figuring out how it's done.

Optimized Innovation

A product development strategy needs to have certain ingredients. Your personalized innovation strategy needs to track every idea that you gather from your marketing efforts, your customer service, and your intuitive insights. The Innovation Solution team provides a state of the art online tracking system at reasonable prices.

On-going, Simple, Complete Innovation Follow-Through

Can't be bothered with trying to work out how to turn all your ideas into new products? Is the competition and serving your demanding customers driving you crazy? Stop biting your nails because we can help. You can get complete innovation support so that you don't have to worry about all the administration that bogs down suggestion box programs and brainstorming strategies. We handle the techie side of things. Here is what Innovation Solution's comprehensive innovation service for a small business would include:

Your A.I.M. Guarantee

We offer a full guarantee because that's the kind of service we appreciate from our suppliers. We will work with you until you are totally satisfied with the innovation management system designed for you. We've worked with many small businesses and they've had extremely good results. You too should get pleasing results and be very satisfied.

We're fun and easy to work with, very practical and accessible when you need us.

Call us at 310-827-2510 or email us at