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Dinner and a Plan - Small Business Innovation Managment Seminar

Everyone is creative--but not everyone can turn a creative idea into an innovative business product or service. Until now. A touch of craft turns your art into a business strategy.

Innovation is the practical application of creativity. By developing your innovation skills, you can effectively put an innovation system in place to research the real needs your prospects and customers have vs. things you think they would love.

By turning that research into a selection of options using brainstorming and other techniques, you build a vision of what can be--and this vision serves as the foundation of the design process that will take your innovation to the production stage.

Get the picture? There's a process. A system that can be tailored to your scale of doing business. Some businesses can successfully implement 20 new products a year. Some small service businesses only need and can only handle one good innovation per year. But it is important to have a scaleable process that handles your need, your unique capabilities, and your goals.

Dinner and a Plan Innovation seminar

Active Innovation Management

That system is the A.I.M. system: Active Innovation Management, a seven part system that fits the entrepreneur like a glove and the corporate manager as a framework within which to handle their skunkwork operations and help every department think seriously about how to turn their native creativity into skilled innovation that will make all services and products better, improved and more market-smart.

Innovation has been pointed out by no less than the President of the United States, the leaders of industry, and analysts of the economic recovery as the most important tool the US can use to pull out of the economic doldrums and retake our place in the global economy. We need to sharpen the skills of every employee to think innovatively. To listen to the customer. To find solutions. To design new ways to get their work done better and more effectively.

Small business is the champion of innovation. But with technology becoming more complex, that leadership role requires more than kitchen-table imagination and entrepreneurial sacrifice. It requires a process that you can replicate. That you can use again and again to bring a steady flow of products and services to the market...cost effectively...timely...and with market-smarts.

Most innovation management systems are made for large corporations and cost thousands of dollars. A.I.M. is scaled for the small business ... from the single practitioner to the entrepreneur leading a team of a few dozen hard working employees, contractors and vendors. By maximizing use of time, networking with fellow entrepreneurs and putting a simple system in can take hold of your future.

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

Alan Kay, Inventor

Innovation Champions Develop Flexible Structures for Success

Carolyn Allen is an innovation champion with decades of experience turning ideas into products, services and systems. Her "Summer Activities Fair" turned latch-key summers into a tradeshow event for families and organizations who needed to find one another. Her hundreds of marketing communications projects helped entrepreneurs in industry, high tech and service industries tell their stories better, refine their vision, and develop additional products and services to fill out their profit-centers.

This 7-step process is time tested and as fresh as the latest technologies. Her website is filled with articles and resources for creative business owners and consultants who have ideas and don't know what to do next. Carolyn's workshops on Innovation Management are available in public venues in the Los Angeles area, and employed by companies to turn their employees and vendors into prolific idea teams--teams who can carry an idea from inception to launch!

Skill Building Seminar for Small Business

Dinner and a Plan is a six-week seminar series, one meal a week, for small business people to learn the secrets to innovation management and create their own individualized Active Innovation Management plan. This innovative approach to planning and networking will help entrepreneurs such as service business owners, consultants, retailers, designers and programmers think and act more pragmatically.

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Helpfully unique, the series does not require you to attend EVERY session--come as you can, have some fun, learn a ton and if you need a good plan, at the end of the 6 weeks you will have a powerful plan. Most people will have their idea well underway before they complete the seminar series.

Call Carolyn Allen to set up a Dinner and A Plan series in your area.