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Innovative Technology Programs

Technology affects our lives in many ways...and most of those ways are taken for granted or unknown. Innovation and invention are part of the American Dream, but at times, that dream can become a nightmare that requires special attention from wise elders and visionary leaders.


Nearly three thousand lawsuits filed each year in the U.S. alleging patent infringement, and infringement awards have reached as high as $1/2 billion. Litigation teams can now turn to PatentCafe to help them deploy the same technology that allows robust data mining for quick discovery of prior art patent most relevant to the particular infringement suit. The collapse of Enron, as well as the landmark investigations into securities brokerage practices have spurred the adoption of Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA) as the electronic discovery search technology that quickly and intelligently sifts through millions of e-mail messages to quickly discover the documents most relevant to the case.The powerful LSA digital search technology is changing the speed and accuracy in identifying prior art patents in a traditionally paper-based industry. Courtesy of


The Patent Busing Project is a coalition of lawyers, researchers and software experts formed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation will try to overturn 10 Internet and software-related patents that the group says are so sweeping they threaten innovation. The team of volunteers hopes to uncover evidence that other companies had already developed the concepts covered by the patent. If it finds such "prior art," as it is known, the foundation will ask the patent office to invalidate Acacia's patent. However, Mr. Schultz acknowledges that a lack of documents can frequently make it difficult to discover such evidence in the case of software and Internet systems. The ten patents include:
  • Acacia Research: audio and video receiving and transmission system
  • Clear Channel Entertainment: System and method of creating digital recordings of live performances; claims to own a monopoly on all-in-one technologies that produce post-concert live recordings on digital media
  • Acceris: Method and apparatus for implementing a computer network/internet telephone system
  • Sheldon F. Goldberg: System and method for playing games on a network
  • Ideaflood: System apparatus and method for hosting and assigning domain names on a wide area network
  • Neomedia Technologies: System and method for automatic access of a remote computer over a network
  • Method for administering tests, lessons, assessments; claims it should receive licensing fees from companies, universities or individuals that administer tests over the Internet
  • Nintendo: Software implementation of a handheld videogame hardware platform
  • Firepond: System that uses natural language processing to respond to customers' online inquiries by email
  • Seer Systems: System and method for generating, distributing, storing and performing musical work files;
Electronic Frontier Foundation:
the EFF Action page listing upcoming legislation about innovation:


It's almost a bake sale to support technology!

A non-profit organization in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is hoping to parlay two of the region’s most appealing qualities – pristine natural beauty and seclusion – into a successful fundraiser to support education and workforce development strategies.

The Lake Superior Community Partnership is raffling off a cabin and 10 acres of wilderness in Marquette County, which has been designated a Most Livable Community and an All-American County. It costs $5 per ticket to try to “Win a Slice of Heaven.” All proceeds support the partnership’s economic and tourism development programs.

Through collaborate efforts with Northern Michigan University and the K-12 system, the LSCP connects business and community with education. The goal is prepare the future workforce and meet emerging human resource demands.

An example is the LSCP Foundation’s recent partnership with NMU is an electrical line technician program. Graduates will be certified for employment with public utilities and related companies, helping to alleviate a national shortage caused by impending retirements and the need to rebuild the infrastructure after the August 2003 blackout.

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