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"The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium." - Norbet Platt

"A writer is someone who can make a riddle out of an answer." - Karl Krauss

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Multicultural View of Nature

Here is a growing log of books I find about nature. I will be adding to the list frequently, and if you have favorite books you would like to recommend, please email them to me at Some of these books are out of print, but the topic is so important that I have included them...they are worth the hunt!


Sustainable Homes : 26 Designs that Respect the Earth Sustainable Homes : 26 Designs that Respect the Earth

by James Grayson Trulove
Sustainable Homes puts to rest the stigma that "green architecture" is unattractive and unsuitable for residential architecture.For the houses shown in this volume represent design equal to or superior to most conventional houses. Each of these "eco" houses is unique. Some tread lightly on the site by nestling into the land. Others are designed to be extremely well suited to the climactic zones in which they are built. Many use materials that do no harm to the environment—materials that are recycled, salvaged, or harvested

At Home on the Earth

Edited by David Landis Barnhill
Unniversity of California Press, 1999
Essays by: Rick Bass, Wendell Berry, Bell Hooks, N. Scott Momaday, Richard rodriguez, Leslie Marmon Silko, Gary Snyder, Alice Walker, Terry Tempest Williams
This thought provoking and heart-warming collection of essays ranges from considering "place" to visiting native cultures, homesteading, and farming. And -- living in and among city and country. Exceptional discovery material. I highly recommend it! Carolyn Allen

The Latino Holiday Book The Latino Holiday Book

By Valerie Menard
Marlowe & Company, 2000
Valerie provides a succinct overview of the seasonal holidays celebrated by the wide variety of Latino cultural groups making the USA home:
SPRING (Primavera) Calle Ocho, Easter, Cinco de Mayo
SUMMER(Verano) Cuban Independence Day, Feast of San Juan Bautista (Puerto Rico), Quinceaneras, Birthdays and Weddings
FALL (Otono) Diez Y Seis, Feast Day of Nuestra Senora de la Divina Providencia (Caribbean), Feast Day of Nuestra Senora de la Caridad del Cobre, Dia de la Raza, Dia de los Muertos
WINTER (Invierno) Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Feliz Navidad, Dia de los Reyes.

Tales with Ancient Answers to Scientific Questions Day of the Moon Shadow

Tales with Ancient Answers to Scientific Questions
By Judy Gail and Linda A. Houlding
Illustrated by Kimberly Louise Shaw
Libraries Unlimited, Inc., 1995
Judy (musician and balladeer) and Linda (anthropologist) have created a wonderful reference for storytellers of all kinds. Tales from around the world are illustrated with line drawings and accompanied by sheet music of the melodies and words, as well as instruments such as drums and flute. Cultures represented include West Africa, Indian, Peruvian, russian, Aboriginal Australian, Japanese, Naskapi Indian, Inuit, Hawaiian, Indian, American, Mayan, Irish, and Viking. Each culture is represented by several stories.

Eleven Nature Tales: A multicultural journey

By Pleasant DeSpain
Illustrated by Joe Shlichta
August House Publishers, Inc, 1996
Pleasant gathered stories from Zaire Africa, Algonquin Canadian, Figi, Kazakhstan Asia, Aboriginal Australia, Han China, Portugal, Cherokee Native American, Tlingit Alaska, and Quinault Native American cultures. Easy to read and learn stories to share.

The Cool of the Wild: An Extremist's Guide to Adventure Sports The Cool of the Wild: An Extremist's Guide to Adventure Sports"

By Howard Tomb
Contemporary Books, 1959 FIVE STARS! If you want to know WHY NOT to climb mountains, dive, or crawl through the muck found in caves, this book will give you nightmares! Very graphic ... very extreme! And very pragmatic for those foolish enough to test the limites of exploration. I laughed until I cried!

Multicultural Theatre: Scenes and monologs from new Hispanic, Asian, and African-American Plays Multicultural Theatre: Scenes and monologs from new Hispanic, Asian, and African-American Plays"

By Roger Ellis
Meriwether Publishing Ltd., 1996
Thirty seven short readings that create a "Conversation with the community", as one playwright recently explained the purpose of commmunity theatre. Wide variety of cultural, religious, trauma and nature themes.

The United States and Latin America: Myths and Stereotypes of Civilization and Nature

By Fredrich B. Pike
University of Texas Press, Austin 1992
A detailed timeline of cultural influences on how specific cultures value, understand and use nature. The distribution of power - through military, economic, and aesthetic systems is explored. Even rock music , drugs and goodwill funds are included.