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American Film Market

To see some intriguing ideas on new advertising "vehicles" take a look at what the film industry does. The American Film Market lists the following advertising/promotional opportunities. Maybe you can use these ideas in our own business promotion.

Atrium Banners - hang a banner over the railing into a lobby

Trailers that run on a TV in the Lounge or in a Shuttle bus

Welcome Bags -- oh well, old hat, but it makes an impression!

Welcome Bag Inserts

Elevator Banners - place in high traffic elevators

Shutle bus billboards -- especially great for conventions

I LOVE THIS ONE: Staircase Signage with strips of your ad on the riser of EVERY STEP

Floor Mat Signage
I once project managed a promotional job for grocery store placement of footsteps with a promo message on each one...leading to the company's display, of course. It worked great! I see these occasionally in retail stores...but they could work just as well on a sidewalk through a nature center, or on city sidewalks leading to your front door.

Marketing outreach is about taking your message to places people both expect to see those messages -- such as flyer racks -- and to places they are (pleasantly) surprised to find an appropriate message that will help them enjoy their experience more, or solve a problem they want to solve.

Creative signage doesn't have to be permanent -- it can change with the seasons, change with your programs, or change locations with your visitors!