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Sales and Marketing Unification - Coravue

Sales departments are the feet, eyes and ears of a company. Marketing teams provide sales and production with market strategy, communications through the media, and help pull the business together.

That's the ideal world -- however, in the real world, these two departments frequently don't communicate with one another very well. Accusations can fly! Leads are dropped. Prospects and clients are usually the losers when that happens.

Coravue hosted CRM system

The Coravue® hosted CRM system helps companies create and grow profitable customer and client relationships.

Coravue has a solution for organizations who have a gap between their strategic marketing folks and their sales team. Practical tools and strategies for companies and nonprofits who need to unify their sales and marketing efforts. It is a Web-based system that helps the key players across a company communicate about prospects, customers and orders. Coravue offers an online, a modular system that can be customized to fit a company's unique needs and scaled to fit a company's size.

I know it works because this website uses the Coravue system. Check it out at for sales and marketing simplification and powerful ways to get your departments and volunteers or contractors communicating effectively.

Sure To Meet Event Promotion Website

Another helpful tool from Coravue is their "SureToMeet" website. is a free and low-cost event promotion website that includes about every tool an event planner needs:

  • E-mail invitations for your choice of public and private meetings
  • Email list management
  • Web page for each event that is search-engine friendly
  • Track RSVP responses for every event
  • Add a free event calendar for your company or your topic area to your website
  • and the biggie -- accept credit card and Paypal event registrations