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"The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium." - Norbet Platt

"A writer is someone who can make a riddle out of an answer." - Karl Krauss

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Internet Strategies

Planning for Program Success

Everyone needs a Web presence.

Design for Impact

But how much of a Web site? Email? Discussion List? Blog? Streaming video? Interactive games? How much interactivity do you really need? How do you get traffic? Do you need e-commerce? These are all questions we deal with on a daily basis. Designers help you shape a realistic, ongoing development plan to fit the scope of your mission and needs.

Production Management for Cost Effectiveness

Whether you need a small static-page website or a database driven site with a content management system, remember – interpretative communications builds a cost-effective system that repurposes your content and provides repetition with a twist for the visitor!

Outreach Strategies for Results

Don’t overplay the power of the Internet…but don’t miss out on opportunities, either. The Internet has evolved into a web of Websites, directory listings, search engine optimization strategies, and outbound emails to your community. these digital outreach tools need managing.

Take Your Next Step to Reduce Stress and Increase Smiles!

Call. Or email. We want to hear from you and will help you walk through your next step in the cyber world.

Do It Yourself Calendar Promotion

Here's a tip. You can submit ALL your events to for local, Internet-wide and email notices to your in-house promotion list. Sure To Meet offers a comprehensive online tool to help organizations promote their event. A staff member or volunteer can handle this easy to use, flexible, tool -- you'll benefit with Google-friendly searchability and supporting email outreach. Another feature is a full-featured event registration system that even allows you to accept online payments.

NEW SERVICE! Sunshine By Design Offers One-Stop Promotion and Master Calendar Service

OR...if you don't have time and need a bit of assistance with setting up your Internet outreach strategy, call on Sunshine By Design. By special arrangement with Sure To Meet, we will provide you with the level of promotional support that fits your need.

We can add your calendar of events to the calendar and optimize the listing for search-friendly results for $5 per event.

  • We can set up your internal mailing list in SureToMeet for a little extra.

  • We can create a Master Calendar on your website for just a bit extra.

  • And we can even help you write news releases, plan an inhouse outreach strategy, and turn your outreach volume up!

For more information about and it's features and benefits, check out this comprehensive overview:

SureToMeet Overview.