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Multiplatform delivery of your message(s)

Today’s complicated media labyrinth is a reality of multiplatform delivery.

Consumer trends are shifting and business models are shifting and messages are shifting. The world is shifting!

Conventional communications and product distribution used mass media, distributors and catalogs. Today's multiplatform delivery mixes electronic products with physical products; mixes online, telephone, mass media, direct mail, social networking, festivals, sponsorships...and a few more channels.

Technology is driving much of the shift, but world events, population explosions, and key issues are also having an impact.

Sustainability is a growing platform under how we do business. The ability to maintain a standard of living within local natural systems is becoming more necessary as fresh water supplies dwindle compared to the demands by growing populations. As air pollution affects worker health. As habitat shifts from wilderness to urban areas.

Press these widespread conditions against the need for communication, for social life, for food -- and technology becomes a struggle to do more with less. Miniaturization was the big push a decade ago. Today it is going online -- digitizing and outsourcing those dits and dots around the world so that we have better information for our decision making.

The results has been a proliferation of media that handles our storytelling role. Video is growing as the Internet matures and is able to handle the bandwidth required by audiovisual graphics and even live broadcasting. Information stored on the data highway of the Internet increases daily -- affecting the need for printed books and annual reports as well as memos and letters. Even legal signatures can be digitized today.

Small organizations sometimes feel overwhelmed by the need to cope with multiplatform delivery. Management of core "corporate intelligence" is a vital part of the fluidity of both media and people.

The Internet holds a lot of potential for small organizations. Through a content management sytem, you can input and upload your content to a central data center, and manage access in both public and private sections.

We use a system that is hosted by the provider, secured with passwords, and has the capability for internal sections and a public website and blog. This reduces the amount of IT management for our team, and allows us to concentrate of content and how we use that content. Being Internet-based, we can also share these information resources across the miles instantaneously. With PDFs, JPGs, and video clips all uploadable, our source material is fluid.

The business world is largely past the "beginner" stage of teaching basic computer skills. Today's workforce is more sophisticated and can use a wide variety of software from word processing, photo manipulation, document layout, to spreadsheets, web design, and statistics pacakages. The Internet has tied all these functions together, and continues to coalesce and expand capabilities.

Yes, the Internet can be the communications hub of a small organization today. It replaces the water cooler, the telephone and the copy machine. It's also making inroads into the sales force, the legal advisor, the health plan, and the thermostat!

Multiplatform delivery is also multiplatform workbench and multiplatform community.