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"The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium." - Norbet Platt

"A writer is someone who can make a riddle out of an answer." - Karl Krauss

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AHA Artists Helping Artists sprouted reality from a vision!

Artists Helping Artists (Aha!) exhibits the pathway of creative people with vision and drive. "Ultimately, it is active, creative people... men and women of vision -- like yourself -- who offer fresh imagination, wonder, a spirit of innovation and evolution, and a greater sense of harmony and purpose to society." says Glenn Horton, Founder of Artists Helping Artists (aha!)

Aha! is open to all active, creative individuals, as well as arts appreciators, arts leaders or creative artists including musicians, visual artists, writers, performers, composers, spoken word artists, arts educators, photographers, digital artists, etc. regardless of race, nationality, artistic or philosophic discipline.

Which brings us to the AHA! center in Santa Cruz redwoods...

It's pretty gorgeous up here in the greater SF Bay region... You can see a new slide show of our AHA! center at this link You'll see our DaVinci Lounge, Emerson Deck and our Thoreau stage by the creek... We've been doing various community oriented gatherings and events for musicians, fine artists, writers, innovators, educators, environmentalists, etc. We also do retreats for anyone who is visiting / vacationing in this most wonderful region...

I've been continuing to write and perform new songs at grassroots gatherings and events around the state. I have a live video performance of new songs on the way! Some of the new songs include: The Mascara's Running (a social expose song about the problems facing the earth environment), Magnificent Child (a song about highly gifted children), Wanna Little Adventure (a free-spirited song about the wonder of the broad universe), Freedom Returning (a song about great men and women of vision from the past), Avatars Still Go Underpaid (a funny song about how the best things and people in life don't always get the attention, press or praise that they deserve... an avatar is "a god on earth") and Is This Our Time? (a song about finding and revealing creative inspiration).

Glenn and his team of creatives take their inspirational events afar, so if anyone has ideas or wants to help make an event happen in their area please let him know... They would need a location and help promoting it...

In the meantime back in the woods, the center's guest room goes for $90 a night... (for one person... or same for couple or parent and child).... they also have futons in the DaVinci Lounge for $50 a night. Two to three night minimum stay... shared kitchen with staff and guests.... bring food in... we are five minutes from beaches and downtown Santa Cruz.

Creatives are invited to come up for a private retreat whenever... most weekends we have artists events going too... but otherwise come see the region... it is important to get out into nature and splendor for several days at a time.

We have THE GREATEST FREEDOM festival right here at the center. see for more info on these creative events.... come up for that weekend if you can. stay as long as you can whenever you come up so you can catch a deep breath in life... :) and meet some of my friends up here if you come for events...