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Community Event Cookbook for WH Bookfair

I'm preparing for an exhibit at a local bookfair to promote several of our I thought it might be helpful if I log the effort as I put together a "Exhibit Promotion Cookbook".

The Venue

The West Hollywood Bookfair is an annual weekend fair that brings a variety of nonprofits, authors, book retailers and publishers together to connect with the local folk.

Our Promotion Goals

Carolyn Allen, our director, is launching a new DVD -- "Backyard Nature Safari" at this idea-lover's fair. The DVD is for children, and from last year's experience, I know there will be a lot of children at the petting zoo and the children's bookstores who exhibit.

We are also gathering field input for Southern California Nature Network, which is a budding "Natural Resources Center" sponsoring an online Directory of sustainable and green resources and a "Sustainable Business Network" program. We'll be looking for newsletter subscribers, general input about how the public perceives "sustainability", and donations to support the outreach programs.

The Exhibit Plan

The plan is to get names and email addresses, and feedback. To accomplish this we're planning the following booth activities:


Signs for each program:
  • "Backyard Nature Safari" DVD
  • "Backyard Nature Newsletter" Subscriptions
  • DVD Show Special
  • "SoCal Nature Network" Programs
  • - "SoCalNature.ORG"
  • - "SoCal Sustainable Business Network"
  • SoCal Nature Donations
Activity Sheets:
  • Sign up for Newsletters
  • FAQ sheet to log questions about sustainability/green
  • Kids Activity sheets for "Tami the Squirrel" for the DVD
  • Promotion Sheets:
  • DVD Sell Sheets
  • Bookmarks for DVD
  • SOCal Sustainable Biz Network flier
  • Donation bowl
  • Receipts for DVD purchases and Donations
  • Portable DVD player
  • Clipboards for writing
  • Pens, Pencils
  • Rocks to hold the papers down in the breeze

    BACK WALL attention-getters

    • A "clothesline" of cutout images.
    • - One row for SoCal Nature Network
    • - Cutouts of: LOGO, Sun/cloud,
    • - One row for "Backyard Nature Safari"
    • - Cutouts of: DVD PKG, Butterfly, Squirrel, Tree, Flower, Acorn, Snail