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Meeting and Event promotion that's integrated and easy using SureToMeet

Events and meetings are great ways to build relationships. Online networking is great. Evening networking meetings are better. But the most powerful way to build community is still working together and coordinating our work through meetings. Much as we hate them...we also love the results.

Ongoing promotion of events to your supporters can range from Open Houses to Communitywide Extravaganzas to Fundraisers to regular monthly, quarterly or annual meetings in which participants touch base and build their personal networks. All are valuable. All are face-to-face marketing tools that require a good system of communications to make people aware of the event, feel included, and maximize the use of their time. Good event promotion can do just that.

The secret to effective marketing is building your IN-HOUSE network. For every new prospect or member you spend time and money to recruit, you can secure 2 - 4 additional sales from your in-house list. It pays to nurture your own community, and has been designed to help you do that. By providing in-house PLUS outbound communications about your meetings and event, you can feed both birds with one handful of seed :-)

On calendar listings can be either public or private. You can build your newsletter and event announcment list(s) on the site...and your event promotion becomes integrated to save you time. And what's better, most of the services are free. The advertising supported site provides free outbound email with unlimited list size. You can take RSVPs for both private and public meetings. And for a small override, you can even take paid reservations using Paypal or a credit card system. The system isn't glitzy...and it doesn't have millions of venture capital behind it, but its a well designed system for serious networkers who want to connect people with meetings and events.