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Case Study: How to promote a community event for children's nature

How did a team of six spread the word and gather a standing room only crowd of over 800 for the launch of their local Leave No Child Inside initiative? The six members of the organizing group, made up of three of the sponsoring organizations, shared a common vision and goals.

One of the first and most important goals was to make it possible for anyone interested in Leave No Child Inside the ability to come to the talk.

  • The tickets were a minimal price and advance tickets included the parking fee. This meant that schools and organizations could buy tickets for their entire staff and individuals could buy tickets to give to friends.
  • Advance tickets were available through one of the organization’s Web sites and a spare cell phone became the ticket office.
  • Complimentary tickets were given to community leaders and to organizations to distribute to people who would otherwise be unable to purchase tickets.
  • The organizations printed or emailed the promotional material to their community. Community members, in turn, forwarded the information to colleagues and friends.
  • Ten thousand postcards, five hundred flyers, and seventy-five posters were printed.
  • A banner was hung on a busy intersection of the city and there were press releases, calendar listings, and public service announcements on the radio.
  • The Children & Nature Network gave the organizing team the confidence that resources were in place on a national level to support the local event. The information (summary of talk, Q & A, bio, and article) that Jacqueline Green, Richard Louv’s publicist, provided made it possible for the organizing team to send information by email to organizations.
Don't forget the "Take Home:" the organizers gave each member of the audience an invitation to integrate three actions into their daily life. At the end of the evening, folders were given to each person with community resources and information about the sponsors and contributors to the event. In the information folder were also ways families could connect to nature, starting from their back yard to the abundant natural resources close by in the Bay Area.

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