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Recycled paper clothes hangers are now product coupons!

There is a revolution going on in non-traditional communications media. Not only will you find ads on the floormat at your car repair shop...but now you'll find coupon ads on hangers at dry cleaners.

HANGER NETWORK IN-HOME MEDIA is targeting the bedroom closet as its distribution channel for ads and coupons.

In-Home Media has partnered with advertisers including L'Oreal, Revlon, Dunkin' Donuts and Phillips-Van Heusen, as well as 35,000 dry cleaners across the country, to provide marketing-message-branded, environmentally friendly dry-cleaning hangers to replace traditional wire hangers.

Confront people with a solution when they feel the itch! That strategy has taken on new dimensions and creativity.

The EcoHangers are made from 100% recycled paper, actively reducing the 3.5 billion wire hangers that end up in landfills every year and giving marketers the added bonus of a green angle to their marketing message when they advertise.

The hangers are paid for by the advertisers and are distributed free to dry cleaners, which enables a targeted media campaign. In-Home Media's cost-per-thousand basis runs between 4 and 5 cents per program, and its hangers live in customers' closets for an average of 7.5 weeks, which gives advertisers an extended lifetime for their ad campaigns.