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Socially Responsible Companies Rank High With Job Seekers

January 31, 2006 (CSRwire)-- Employees will put their salaries where their values are. According to a recent survey by progressive community network Care2, 48 percent of employees say they would work for less pay, if they could work for a socially responsible company.

And they would work hard; according to the survey 40 percent of employees would be willing to work longer hours for a job at a socially responsible company.

"This should be a wake up call to employers," Randy Paynter, Care2's founder and CEO, said. "Companies that are taking steps to be more socially responsible and environmentally friendly have an advantage in the hiring market."

To match individuals with career opportunities that meet their values, Care2 launched its "Care2 JobFinder," the world's largest listing of jobs at eco-friendly, socially responsible, and nonprofit organizations. (Care2 JobFinder: http://

"It used to be that you had a choice: 'make money' or 'make a difference'. The great news is there are now lots of job opportunities at socially responsible companies, if you know where to find them," Paynter said. "That's why we created the Care2 JobFinder."

The Care2 JobFinder was developed in partnership with SimplyHired, the world's largest search engine for jobs.

Over 200,000 companies were screened for both positive and negative attributes including community impact, corporate governance, diversity, employee relations, environment, human rights and product offerings. These responsibility filters were applied to SimplyHired's massive jobs database.

This process yielded over 100,000 job opportunities at socially responsible and environmentally friendly companies as well as 70,000 jobs at nonprofit organizations.

Care2's survey also found:

  • 73 percent of workers said it was "very important" to work for a company they believe is "socially responsible".
  • 46 percent report their current company is relatively socially responsible.
  • 35 percent report having actually left a company because they believed it was not socially responsible.
Companies most mentioned as "socially responsible" by survey respondents were:
  • Ben & Jerry's
  • The Body Shop
  • Patagonia
  • Seventh Generation
  • Starbucks
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Working Assets

Over 85 percent of respondents from Massachusetts and California responded that it was "very important" to work for a company they believe is socially responsible. In contrast, 65 percent of New York respondents and 44 percent of Illinois respondents ranked social responsibility as "very important." Women and men were equally likely to say it is "very important" to work for a socially responsible company.

Age and responsibility do continue to go hand in hand with 78 percent of respondents over 60 ranking socially responsibility as "very important," while just 47 percent under 18 respondents did the same.

Nearly 1,600 people completed the survey posted on the Web site.


Care2 is the largest online progressive network, bringing together socially and environmentally responsible nonprofits, businesses and its 7 million members. The Care2 Network empowers people to make a difference with every visit to by providing social networking, tips on sustainable living, click-to-donate races, online petitions, activist opportunities, healthy living solutions, eco-shopping, a people-powered news network, volunteer opportunities and free member services such as email and e-cards.

Care2 supports over 150 leading nonprofit organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, Defenders of Wildlife, Oceana, The Humane Society, Amnesty International, Children International, the Jane Goodall Institute and League of Conservation Voters. Care2 provides activist recruiting, online petitions, private label social networks, fundraising, and other web-based services for nonprofits. In addition, Care2 is a member of CERES and donates 5% of its net website revenue to nonprofits. Care2 was founded in 1998 and is a privately held, profitable company. For more information, visit: