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Adobe Photoshop Album Starter for New Artists & Communicators

An image is worth ... well...MANY words! And with digital photography and the easy online tools available, everyone can tap their natural visual talents. Photoshop is today's paintbrush, pen, collage library...and magic wand.

I love Photoshop. I've been a "Photoshop artist" since their 1.0 version and use it for logo design, brochures, books and book covers, web site design, illustration, digitial video images, slide shows. It is truly the "killer ap" for the Mac computer in my life. I also consider Adobe one of the very best, if not the very best, computer software companies because of their creativity, practical tools and reliability. Their products work. They are robust...and they're wondrous!

Yes, I'm a big fan. Huge!

So I was tickled to discover a tool that I can pass on to you so you can share in the creative fun and practical productivity of Photoshop. The Adobe Photoshop Album Starter gives you the basics of photo editing and sharing. This free software makes it easy to view, find, fix and share your photos.

  • Fix common photo flaws
  • Easily share photos by attaching images to e-mail and send them to cell phones, or create a CD. Make prints, order prints or photo books and go online.
  • Find photos quickly with automatic organization that lets you view all your digital photos in one place in a calender view.

Are you ready to discover the art studio in your computer?

Here's the Adobe contact page