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Specialized Video Website Lets You Upload Birding Clips

Birding is big. Video is bigger. Combine the two and you get, a niche video platform for amateurs and professionals promoting conservation and birding in specific.

Video Marketing provides outreach to niche markets and provides access to casual birders as well as dedicated amateurs and professionals. By linking to your video clips, promoting it on social networking sites, and driving traffic back to your website, you can maximize the value of marketing with video. is a place where birdwatchers can place their video and pictures from their tours. Birdcinema is also a great video home for educate and promoting conservation. Doug Myers, a bird enthusiast, launched in July 2007. This is a video website for bird enthusiasts to watch and share original bird videos worldwide, through the web -- it's simply a website for user-submitted videos of birds, combined with a sharp and well-working real-time onscreen interface (i.e., just like YouTube).

Bird Cinema video site Birdcinema also has a place for professional photographers to put pictures of their work. can bring traffic to your website. The site has had 1.3 million videos viewed since our lauch date in June 2007.

Here is a list of some of's features.

  • Complies with web 2.0
  • Streamlines the workflow
  • Includes a way to transfer videos from other video web sites
  • Has a dedicated area, bird TV for documentaries, how to and other educational videos
  • Includes a picture section where pictures can be uploaded and are secure

The Birdcinema team is looking for documentaries, educational videos, how-to videos, or other material along these lines.

Their mission is to create a community for bird enthusiasts and gather video of every species on the planet.

They are looking for partners and sponsors to expand their presence on the World Wide Web. Please contact David Garcia about becoming a partner or sponsor at

Birdcinema is a service of:
ACR International, LLC
223 West 1230 North #202
Provo, Utah 84604
(801) 229 - 1230