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Fundraising Event Books Make Donations Tangible!

Donor Books for Fundraising Events Provide Funding Leverage

Let's face it, events take a lot of work! And if you're already investing in all the planning, decorating, invitations and cost of an event to raise money for your nonprofit organization -- you might also consider making it easy for donors to provide some support for your cause and some visibility for themselves with a an "event book."

Fundraiser Books

Before you organize your event and embarking on the production of your fundraiser program or handouts, give some thought to maximizing your impact... and minimizing your work.

Explore Your Fundraising Goals

Your organization, staff and sponsors' needs can be broad...and varied, but they all include raising needed funds for your work. The logistics of the event (and the fundraising book or program) are also important... you probably want:
  • Maximizing donations
  • Enhancing your organization’s image
  • Having a professional looking book for your event
  • An easy, hassle-free process
  • Having the printing process completed on-time
  • Keeping costs down
It's time someone innovates this annual project! And someone has. The Fundraiser Solution provides the following book production process to save clients time, cost and hassle.
  • They’ve automated the process
  • They’ve removed the complex and difficult technical parts of the project
  • They’ve created a step-by-step, template solution

The Fundraiser Solution to Your Rescue!

Reg Frechette, President of The Fundraiser Solution is an experienced book print manager who brings operational expertise to your desktop! He and his partners bring print management as well as nonprofit, philanthropic experience to their innovative, mix and match fundraising solution system.

Think of them as the project managers for your projects. They offer three phases of assistance intended to help you meet your fundraising and time management goals. Your organization may choose just one phase or any combinations of the three, including the complete group.

Their easy fundraiser book solution includes these services:

Phase 1 - Compiling the Fundraiser Book

Guiding or collecting the sponsor’s copy to meet the event’s deadline can be daunting. The Fundraising Solution can handle this compiling function for you. They will even send weekly reports to the Events Comittee to insure that all potential sponsors are included in the process and allow, if needed, special handling of special sponsors.

Phase 2 - Designing the Fundraiser Book

Your editorial and sponsor’s copy is used to create a successful and aesthetically pleasing book. The Event Committee, with their professional input, makes all design decisions in advance. The Fundraising Solution team provides the data files and mockups for your Fundraiser Book in the format required by your printer of choice.

Phase 3 - Printing the Fundraiser Book

The Fundraising Solution can print your Fundraising Book based on the data files containing your design with editorial copy and sponsorship ads in a compatible format, including links, font files, all supporting artwork and a mockup of your Fundraiser Book.

"We believe in a balanced approach towards any project. For example, a fundraiser event where the ticket costs $200 per person for dinner, calls for a high quality two-color gloss book, as opposed to a one-color offset book, more suited for a high school award function." explains Reg. Contact Reg at:

The Fundraising Solution
531 Main Street #941
El Segundo, CA 90245
Tel: (310) 640 7690
Fax: (310) 640 1461