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Newswise to Spread the Word About Your Research and Innovation

Newswise delivers the knowledge-based news behind tomorrow's headlines

Sometimes the best green marketing is doing what you do really well...and sharing your progress with others who are interested. Online journalism sites are growing that organic news exchange.

We bring you a mix of research and business news that helps community and business leaders put change into a sustainable perspective. One of our trusted sources is, a bridge that connects research and journalists so we can connect you with the changes shaping our world.

Roger S. Johnson, PhD, President of Newswise has helped develop an international platform that brings scientific and world changing insights to us all. Journalism has been "democratized" with dramatic rapidity and breadth in the past 5 years. And it's up to us to participate in credible ways.

Dr. Johnson recognizes this trend, and encourages us all to participate in our civic discourse, "When you interact with organizations with research news about the environment, please suggest they put it on Newswise, which would make it easier for you to receive it,"

Roger was a scientist and then a science journalist. He started Newswise in 1991, before the World Wide Web existed, as the first online resource for journalists seeking research news.

Newswire Science, Medical, Business and Lifestyle Services

Journalists look to Newswise as a trusted resource for knowledge-based news, embargoed research results and expert contacts from the world's leading research institutions: universities, colleges, laboratories, professional organizations, governmental agencies, and private research groups active in the fields of medicine, science, business and the humanities.

Newswise maintains a comprehensive database of current news, searchable archives, subscription wire services, and advanced information management tools to enhance the value and efficiency of research-based news delivery for both journalists and source institutions.

  • Journalists can register for a PressPass that admits you to embargoed stories.

  • Researchers and experts can make themselves available to journalists for information and comments.

  • New media can access late breaking news about research developments

  • Fields include Science, Medicine, Life/Living, and Business news.

  • There's also an "Expert Finder" tool, a Contact Directory and Meetings Calendar.

You may contact Newswise offices in Charlottesville, Virginia; Helsinki, Finland; or Athens, Greece.

Roger Johnson
Charlottesville, Virginia
Phone: 434-296-9417

Contact if:

  • You are a medical or scientific institution, professional society or association, or university and you are interested in joining Newswise.
  • You have comments or suggestions about Newswise services.

    Contact Karen Thrane at 434-296-9417 if you are a corporation, public relations firm or other for-profit entity and are interested in working with Newswise by contributing or licensing content or sponsoring channels.