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Experimental DVD Provides Nature Interpretation Adventure - 'Thunder on the Farm'

Thunder on the farm, Mantis and Moon
Thunder on the Farm is an atypical nature documentary which is probably better described as a video journal of the passing of an entire summer from the perspective of a 200-year old midwestern farmhouse.

Thunder on the Farm.

For 150 years the old brick farmhouse spent the days watching the changing of the seasons, and the passing of the years. After 150 years, the summers pass now as if in just one day. The baby birds grow and leave the nest, the fruit ripens, and the leaves change and eventually fall from the tree. All the while, new houses are being built on the old farmland. They are large, fancy, and expensive and built with big equipment and few workers. The old brick farmhouse was built to last, by family and neighbors. But that was a different time. Will these new houses stand in 200 years?

Producer/Director, Cap Averill II and fellow Cinematographer, Will Graver turned their intimate sites and sounds of rural nature into magical glimpses of natures' tiny jewels of life...set amid nature's symphony.

The farm witnesses the blossoming of the fruit trees, as well as the cornucopia of annual life which surrounds the farm. The farm also witnesses the encroachment of suburbia through the eyes of the farm. You'll be tempted to hit the pause button every few seconds to examine the high definition details of colors, shadow, artistic scenes... but you'll also relax as the entire summer passes in just one day.

At mid-summer (mid-day), the sun-baked farm experiences a downpour of summer rain with the crashing thunder of an electrical storm. The close of "Thunder on the Farm" takes you through the aftermath of the summer rain and the dawn of autumn with a combine combing cornfields under the harvest moon.

Over 200 hours of footage was captured for this project, which enabled the dedicated team to showcase the absolute best of the best. "Thunder on the Farm" was shot in states ranging from Arkansas to Michigan during the summer of 2006. Every moment is a jewel, punctuated with color and natural sounds, and baby birds and bobbing flowers and wildlife meandering through their tiny worlds.

The high definition video brings astounding crisp images to the screen and showcases the complex world that goes on around a small farm in the Midwest. "Thunder on the Farm" was featured at the 2007 Ozark Foothills Film Festival and has been airing on public televison in Toledo for almost a year with glowing viewer feedback.

"My 90 year old father-in-law told me he heard the program one evening and was thrilled by it. He's a little hard of hearing but he said he kept hearing all these beautiful sounds and realized they weren't coming from outside but from a program on WGTE and he sat down and watched it and fell in love. His actual words were 'terrific and peaceful'". -Cathy

"It is an amazing film that really creates its own visual language to lament the loss of rural landscape and all that represents. (Thunder on the Farm) is a real treasure…" -Bob

"One person who requested multiple copies sent 'Thunder on the Farm' to friends in Switzerland, Hawaii, California, and Canada," chuckled Will with obvious pride.

Mantis and Moon Moving Pictures and Sound, LLC was established to create high quality motion pictures while stressing independent work. Their first full-length feature, entitled "Out of the Shadows" took home the award for Best Drama/Feature at the 2005 Hollywood International DV/HD Festival. Their latest full-length feature "Nothing Happened" is being submitted to film festivals across the nation.

Mantis and Moon Moving Pictures and Sound
Delta, Ohio