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Green Marketing for Results

Marketing can be described as taking the reins that guide the team. When you observe, strategize, motivate and implement your chosen pathway, you lead your team and your customers to a destination. Good scouting gives your business a better chance of succeeding. Marketing can provide that guidance. There are four traditional elements in marketing:

Green Products

In marketing jargon, "product" refers to both products and services that deliver value to your consumer, patron, funder, or citizen. If you define your product well, it is memorable for both image and function. We'll give you some tools to help with this marketing task in the "Strategy" section.

Green Distribution - Place

"Place" refers to how and where you deliver your product or service. We'll cover this marketing concept in "Strategy" and "Community".

Green Pricing

And you guessed it..."Price" refers to the value that is exchanged for your goods and services. Sometimes that is volunteer hours and talent. Sometimes it is a monetary or in-kind donation. Sometimes it is the sale of a product, a lease, or fee for services. We'll discuss price in the "Strategy and "Revenue" sections.

Green and Sustainable Promotion

Most people mis-label "Promotion". When promotion is called "marketing" things tend to get harried, and pressured! Don't get me wrong -- promotion is very important. Promotion is the process of communicating with the select group of prospects in a respectful, informative, motivating way. But you can't really communicate effectively without completing the other marketing tasks -- such as refining the product (and packaging) you'll offer, where and how you'll deliver it, and at the which appropriate price. THEN you can start telling people! We'll cover Promotion is all of the sections.

So have fun -- green marketing is an energizing exchange when handled respectfully. People like to "buy" the goods and services that make their lives better, and you get a lot of satisfaction when you see them succeed at their goal. Smart marketing can help you achieve that exchange of value by emphasizing who you invite to the party and what you serve.

Sunshine By Design is the free resource center for California Green Solutions. Our team of long-time processional marketers applies green and traditional marketing techniques to the market niche of sustainable businesses, non-profit and government/public organizations. Subtle differences help you deal with compliance and stakeholders, and we'll help you shape those differences. Please call or email us. Our passion is collaboration to build communities in which we all can thrive.

Find a need and fill it with sustainable integrity!