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Rainwater Collection Systems

With droughts increasing sporadically across the country, many homeowners are looking at rainwater collection systems... cisterns, tanks or water barrels that collect water from their roof for later use. One example of this system is the Handytank that holds a larger than usual supply of rainwater -- up to 264 gallons.

The Handy Tank™ Rainwater Collection System can help maintain a lawn and garden when watering bans are in effect because you thought ahead and saved water that can be used during dry periods to help keep your grass green.

Fresh water is a precious resource, which in many parts of the world is in very short supply. In many places, inadequate public water systems necessitate collection of rainwater for personal uses such as drinking and hygiene. With the ever increasing reliance on this diminishing resource, parents the world over are seeking a simple and cost effective way to collect and save rainwater, that otherwise would simply be lost. A simple solution is usually preferred.

A do it yourself high capacity water storage tank is the heart of a practical urban system. A simple system like the Handytank™ comes flat-packed and can be transported in most family cars and will take less than an hour to assemble.

You don't need a steel tank for a simple system!

The Handytank™ bladder, or tank, is made out of durable marine grade PVC supported by a tubular steel frame enclosed by a mesh cover. The unit has built in connections and tank fittings are supplied. Threaded fittings will fit a standard garden hose.

The innovative Handytank™ offers plumbing options such as a direct connection to the down pipe from the roof straight to the top surface of the Handytank™, capturing all the rainwater. The overflow outlet can be connected by using the flexible pipe provided with the Handytank™. The water tank can be easily relocated or packed away and stored if required. For greater capacity two or more tanks can be plumbed together or simply installed at each down pipe.

Today it is feasible for most households to find a cost effective way to collect and save water, and the harvested water saves fresh water from rushing out to sea...and is ideal for watering gardens and lawns. Features: * 264 Gallon / 1000 Litre Capacity * Marine Grade PVC Bladder * Shade Cover provided for added protection * Clear, simple assembly instructions * Fits in most cars for easy transport * Can be easily relocated onsite * Water from the tank is non-potable * Quick and Easy Installation * 3 year Manufacturers Warranty Durable Bladder Construction: * 1st Layer: Heavy Gauge PVC * 2nd layer: Polyester Mesh * 3rd Layer: Heavy Gauge PVC Product Specification: * Assembled Dimensions: 59" H x 45" W x 48" D * Weight: 52 lbs.