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Get Ready for High-Def...and 3-D Soon Thereafter


Nearly two-thirds of all Americans have a high-definition television in their home, and another 12% intend to buy one within the next two years, according to a consumer survey from the Opinion Research Corporation (ORC).

3-D... Not So Much

Consumers were less impressed with the introduction of 3-D television. According to the survey, 60% of American adults were aware of the technology (thanks to press coverage of the television introductions at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month).

Surprisingly, awareness was higher in the 34-55 demographic. Well, maybe not -- these families and young Boomers like snuggling down at home with their favorite TV shows. Only 5% of consumers said they had plans to buy a 3-D set within the next two years.

"What's driving that is the economy and the appliances needed [e.g., special glasses] needed for the experience to be rich," Robert Clark, senior vice president of ORC's Technology Market Insights practice, tells Marketing Daily. "What consumers seem to be saying is the H-D experience is acceptable enough."

Bring on the Sports!

Consumer sentiment could change, however, when more 3-D movies move to DVD and networks such as ESPN introduce 3-D channels.

The surveyors also asked consumers which brands were synonymous with quality. By a wide majority, consumers selected Sony, cited by 43% of the survey respondents. The next-highest, cited by only 11% of the respondents, was Samsung.

Behind Sony and Samsung, 5% cited Panasonic as a brand synonymous with quality, 4% cited Vizio and 3% cited LG. Toshiba, RCA and Sharp were cited by 2%, while only 1% of consumers cited Magnavox, Mitsubishi, JVC and Zenith.