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"The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium." - Norbet Platt

"A writer is someone who can make a riddle out of an answer." - Karl Krauss

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Creativity Creaks - Slideshow

Creativity and innovation are challenges and opportunities... two sides of the same coin!

This short slideshow get you to thinking... very thought provoking for how to launch a creative brainstorm!

1. Creativity C r e a k s

Your bones sometimes creak, too! But that's just a sign that you've been active, and have a lot of energy stored up! It's the same with creativity that is just itchin' to get out!

2. Frustration

The mother lode of creativity is finding a frustration that begs for a solution! If you "hate it"... you'll love the solution! If it makes you nervous, irritated, angry, or depressed... you have hit fertile ground in which to grow a creative alternative! * First comes motivation

Why? Because we need a balance of EMOTION and LOGIC to create MOTIVATION! Frustration is a powerful emotion. Creativity is actually a powerful LOGIC pool -- a SYSTEM to create solutions. That's a powerful combination.

3. Then, A Goal

The brainstorming comes in when you realize that the FRUSTRATION can be solved... if you just put your heart and mind to it! Maybe other people can provide varying points of view... a bit of humor ... new tools ... different perspectives that handle similar problems in culturally different ways... Your goal can be expressed as a question pointing to the intended goal. IE: How can we make meals faster and more appealing?

* A vision of something different...better!

Add color. Action. Variety. Extravagant. Free. Common but uncommon. Better! Wow!

4. Then, The Craft

Once you have a solution in mind, you come to the "Innovation" part of the system. How do you make a plan and IMPLEMENT IT?

* Manifest the vision in something tangible

Think of a visual metaphor... a garden, a house, a game... and express your vision as something everyone can understand! There's power in simple visions!

5. The Application

Try it. Refine it. Redo it.

* Refine the prototype

Prototypes are made to be refined. Test it on REAL people who have different perspectives. A mother. A teen. A grandfather. An executive. A secretary. WHO are the people who will BUY INTO this solution? These are the people to test your prototypes with ... and get their feedback about key metrics!

6. Sharing it!

You've had the fun... now the reward! Add creativity to your DISTRIBUTION PLAN. Find innovative ways to tweak traditional distribution of your specific that you get to the RIGHT people who WANT you solution!

* Commerce or gift exchange

Whether your creative innovation is for business or family/friendship, distribution is still a matter of "SELLING YOUR IDEA!"

7. Take the Next Leap

No innovation need be your LAST innovation! Creative innovating is a TALENT to be developed... a SYSTEM to be oiled and operated frequently!

* Incremental innovation

Many "slightly" irritating conditions in life can be refined "just a little bit" to make them more appealing, easier, better! That's INCREMENTAL innovation.

* Disruptive innovation

Some situations require a total makeover -- a whole new way of dealing with this crud! That's DISRUPTIVE innovation!


Our website has lots of interesting and useful tips about creativity, innovation, marketing, and small business strategies for families, nonprofits and nature organizations. Yep! We have a soft spot for nature!