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Buddy's Diner for Kids & Parents - Story + DIY Educational Project

Carolyn has released her latest children's book, "BUDDY'S DINER"... a fun, learning story about Buddy and his new birdfeeder.

Buddy's Diner Children's Educational Book for Birdfeeding
You can download the ebook at

Buddy's Diner, eBook

A Fun-filled "Story | How To Book" in PDF format, accessible for everyone on the Internet

Here's a brief intro to the book...with a bit of an author's reading, a couple illustrations...and an overview of the how-to story that will be sure to inspire the builder in everyone!

Buddy and his family plan and install a birthday present -- a birdfeeder, and then Buddy shares the fun with his friends. It's great for junior engineers! And nature lovers who want to build a habitat around a birdfeeder for their native birds.

Carolyn Allen, author is the publisher of numerous nature appreciation and green, sustainable websites. She also writes "family books" that encourage extended families to work and play together outdoors. Among her other books that are published at BIG DIF BOOKS: is

A LITTLE BIT OF EDEN At California Beaches, a Creation-based picture book about wildlife diversity at the beach.

MUSIC MAGIC, a tweens novel about garage band music, and learning about community from a teen and family's perspective.

BACKYARD BLESSINGS: Dancing for Joy in Spring, inspirational essays to provide moments of R&R and connections with the wonders of nature.

All these books are available as EBOOKS (only)... we're testing the possibilities of reducing the use of trees for books, and saving them for the wildlife we love!