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"The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium." - Norbet Platt

"A writer is someone who can make a riddle out of an answer." - Karl Krauss

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Book Packaging Process

Nature organizations have a treasure chest of intellectual property potential. What that means is that you have access to subject matter, experts, and beautiful visuals that can be turned into information products such as books, booklets, fliers, coloring sheets, posters, postcards, etc.

Books can be tiny -- such as a 3"x3" mini book, or 5.5"x8.5" standard paperback size, or larger coffeetable collectible books. The process to create and well as market...any of these books based on your natural resource assets is quite similar. Here is a rundown of what is involved in self-publishing a book. Sunshine Be Design offers planning and production management assistance, as well as marketing strategy to supplement your in-house capabilities.



Cover Design includes title design, illustration research, at least 3 creative concepts for the front cover, back cover and spine. One comp of the selected design will be delivered by PDF files and/or inkjet proofs to the client for review. Client will make suggestions, minor copy changes, and relate them to the designer in writing. Client and designer will decide paper, color and bindery selections. Designer will make corrections, etc. and send another set of proofs (and/or PDF file) to client. All pieces will then be sent in a digital format (CD-ROM) as well as dummy to the printer. Final payment is due at the time of delivery to the printer or the client. Thumbnails and Full size Comps, a specified number of revisions to the selected design . Galley/Preview Cover layout and print management are also frequently available.

Cover Writing includes writing or editing the title and subtitle to maximize market appeal; the back cover, securing the peripheral content such as Copyright, ISBN number, UPC code, etc. Market testing of the cover and title is also available from some editors and designers.


Concept Design includes front matter (title page, table of contents, introduction, about the author, etc), design concept for the chapter heads, headers and footers and the overall design of the book. Three Design concepts and one final Template for Layout based on the selected design.


Non-fiction book page design and layout can vary widely in design and layout complexity, and pricing is based on light, medium or heavy design complexity.

Fiction and essay books are usually based on light design complexity.

  • Light design and layout (straight text)
  • Medium design and layout (text with illustrations)
  • Heavy design and layout (text with clip art, tables, charts, etc.)
  • Barcode procurement (includes fee)
  • ISBN Numbers (series of 10) procurement (plus fee of $225)
  • Library of Congress number procurement (plus fee)
  • ISBN and LCN procurement (plus fee)
  • Print Management
  • Obtain up to 5 printing and binding quotes, work with printer, check bluelines or proofs


Logo 4-6 design thumbnails, Designer completes final selection for color and black/white reproduction formats

Stationery Set (based on final Logo design) includes Letterhead, #10 Envelope, Business Card, Mailing Label. 3 design thumbnails of final logo choice, and reproduction art for final choice

One Sheet flier Design and layout are included. Illustrations are extra

Folded Small Brochure (8.5x11 sheet) – color, two sides

Presentation Folder includes front and back cover, custom art . An alternative is a designer Label or simple art

Post card Two sides based on existing copy and illustrations

Note card One side based on existing copy and illustrations

BookmarkTwo sides based on existing copy and illustrations

Thank You Notes and envelope

Press Kit Fact Sheet layout , Press Release layout

Stickers Design and layout

Poster of Cover


Scans photos (low or high resolution)

Photo retouching
Stock photo research
CD Label and CoverDesign and layout based on existing copy and illustrations
E-book Conversion
Layout revision and PDF file

Additional services are normally estimated based on an hourly schedule of fees:

Client usually contracts directly with a book or collateral printer for final press checks, printing and bindery services.



Conceptual Editing includes reading the manuscript, evaluating completeness of the content, style and overall feel, and recommending global edits for clarity, editorial slant and content required for specific niche markets. Deliverable is a phone conversation and a follow-up report with evaluation and recommendations.

Content Editing of electronic files (MS Word) Includes thorough editing for flow, message coherence, clarity, editorial slant, grammar and consistent use of terminology. The client's deliverable is a marked up manuscript using “Track Changes” with one follow-up reading after the author has accepted or rejected the marked changes.

Light Editing Includes spelling, grammar and modest suggestions for global or editorial improvements.

Book packagers are sometimes difficult to find, but one good source for publishing services is the Publishers Marketing Association, a national (and international) trade association of independent publishers from the self publisher of a first book to award winning publishers with hundreds of books...all working together to weave the wit and wisdom of our culture into our cultural heritage -- PMA

Carolyn Allen, CIG, is a long time member and the founder of the local affiate of PMA in Los Angeles, The Publishers Association of Los Angeles. If you have questions about creating or launching your book, call Carolyn, she would love to give you information and encouragement in producing a book to highlight your natural treasures. Call 310-827-2510.