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Affiliate Programs Guide

Affiliate advertising on websites works best when the website has a lot of visitors. That's a pretty simple concept. Getting the traffic is another topic. But this article is about affiliate programs.

Google Adsense is, by far, the leading provider of advertising links on websites.

Other affiliate programs offer banner ads, as well as text links. One such aggregator is: Affiliate Programs guide who provides a wide variety of Internet affiliate programs that can help you website earn advertising revenue. Affiliate Programs Guide provides business development affiliate program directories and portals, catalog, site tools, and online business opportunities such as merchant solutions.

Affiliate advertising revenue is mostly earned pennies at a time. Some products such as high dollar professional training packages and information marketing schemes will pay dollars per click, but most advertisers such as quality corporations offering mainstream products and services don't pay those kinds of clickthrough revenues.

It pays to research the strategies for placement on the page, the way you present the ads, how many ads you place on a page, etc. as you get into affiliate advertising on your websie.

Some nonprofit sites are not appropriate vehicles for advertising -- the community just won't stand for it and your credibility will fall. Other business-oriented nonprofits can build a loyal "portal" following when they provide links to key industry resource sites and also advertising links.

Your marketing strategy needs to fit your audience, your mission, and your goals with the advertising selected for your readers.